Step-by-Step: Turn Your Bonita Garage into a Stunning ADU

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Discover the potential of a Bonita ADU garage conversion to maximize your living space, increase property value, and adhere to local regulations.


A Bonita ADU garage conversion is exactly what you need if you wish to maximize space in your home. Aside from that, it can prop up the value of your home and add some aesthetics.

With that out of the way, there are a couple of rules and regulations to keep in mind before a Bonita ADU garage conversion project. Doing this ensures that your project is safe and is in accordance with local regulations.

Factors to Consider Before Your ADU Garage Conversion

Before embarking on a Bonita ADU garage conversion, it’s crucial to consider some key factors. These include:

  • Feasibility and structural integrity

You need to consider the age, condition, and foundation of the garage. This helps determine if it can be converted into a livable space without compromising its stability.

  • Budget and financing

Determine your budget for the conversion project, including permits, materials, labor, and additional expenses. Some people also explore their financing options such as personal savings, loans, or ADU-specific financing programs.

  • Design and layout

The layout and design of the ADU should consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchen facilities, and storage requirements. Ensure that these plans comply with building codes, fire safety regulations, and accessibility standards.

  • Parking and access

You need to find out whether your property can accommodate parking requirements for the primary residence and the ADU. Consider access points and pathways for the ADU, including separate entrances and pathways for privacy.

Why Convert Your Garage to An ADU

Converting your garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) offers several compelling benefits. It can:

  • Maximize property value
  • Generate rental income
  • Accommodate multigenerational living
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Address housing shortages
  • Enjoy cost savings
  • Foster community growth

Bonita ADU Garage Conversion Regulations

Understanding the guidelines set forth by local authorities ensures a smooth and compliant conversion while maximizing the value of your property. Here are some key requirements and regulations of Bonita.

  • Zoning and Permit Requirements

You need to first check the zoning designation of your property with the Bonita Planning Department. In Bonita, ADUs are typically allowed in residential zones.

All garage conversion projects need the necessary permits from the Bonita Planning Department and Building Department. You may need a building permit, electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical permit.

  • Size and Square Footage

The size of your Bonita ADU garage conversion may be subject to limitations based on the size of your property, zoning requirements, and applicable building codes. In Bonita, the maximum allowable size for an ADU is 1,200 square feet or 50% of the existing living area, whichever is less.

  • Parking Requirements

Bonita ADU regulations typically require the provision of off-street parking for the primary dwelling and ADU. However, Bonita allows a waiver of the parking requirement in two cases. If the ADU is located within a half-mile radius of public transit or an architecturally and historically significant district.

  • Building Codes and Safety

Ensure that your Bonita ADU garage conversion complies with applicable building codes, including fire safety regulations, electrical codes, and plumbing codes. These codes aim to ensure the safety and habitability of the ADU.

  • Utilities and Access

Verify that your converted garage can be adequately connected to the existing utility systems of your property, such as water, sewer, and electrical supply. Additionally, assess the accessibility and egress requirements to ensure compliance with building regulations.

  • Rental and Occupancy Restrictions

Bonita allows for ADUs to be used for rental purposes. However, regulations may govern the duration and frequency of rental periods, as well as the maximum number of occupants allowed.

Work With Bonita ADU Garage Conversion Experts

Collaborating with professionals ensures a smooth and efficient process when converting your garage into an ADU. Our remodeling experts in Bonita from Better Place Design & Build possess the knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide you through the entire conversion journey. Contact our specialists today to get started on your project and unlock the full potential of your property.


The timeframe for an ADU conversion can vary depending on various factors, including the scope of the project and the efficiency of the permitting process.

Yes, it is possible to convert a portion of your garage into an ADU while keeping the remaining space for parking or storage.

Yes, you can customize the design and layout of your ADU based on your needs and preferences.

Your ADU conversion will require adequate connections to existing utility systems such as water, sewer, and electrical supply.

In most cases, ADUs require a separate entrance to ensure independent access for the occupants.

Yes. JADUs are smaller units and have specific requirements, such as being within the existing walls of the primary dwelling.


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