Unlock the Easiest Way to Secure Your Del Mar ADU Permit

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Discover the step-by-step guide to effortlessly obtaining your ADU permit in Del Mar.


Obtaining a Del Mar ADU permit before constructing your unit is essential to making the process run smoothly. It requires lots of effort, and Better Place Design & Build is here to help get permits much more manageable.

We guarantee to help you accomplish all the necessary permits so ADU construction will follow Del Mar local building rules and regulations.

Permit Acquisition Steps

ADU permits can be challenging and subject to local zoning regulations. But don’t worry because we will assist you in all permit acquisition steps at Better Place Design & Build. Here are the following steps:

Contact Del Mar City local government.

Contacting Del Mar City’s local government is the first step to learning what permissions are necessary for your ADU. To learn more, visit the Del Mar City government website or contact your neighborhood planning office.

  • Determine the zoning laws

After contacting Del Mar local authorities, determine if your property is designated for ADUs.

You may need to apply for a zoning adjustment or variance if your property is not permitted ADUs.

  • Hire a Professional Contractor

Employing a qualified expert with knowledge of Del Mar ADU construction and permits, like Better Place Design & Build, is vital. If you hire us, you can get guidance from our specialist to get your permission and ensure your ADU complies with all rules.

  • Prepare the necessary documents.

ADU permits require preparing and submitting several papers, including building plans, engineering drawings, and site plans. We will help you create these documents.

  • Submit the permit application.

After assembling the required paperwork, you can submit the permit application to Del Mar’s local government. The application usually has a charge, and the processing time can vary.

  • Wait for Approval.

After applying, you must wait for Del Mar’s local government’s permission. Although the processing time can vary, confirming that your ADU complies with all legal requirements before beginning construction is vital.

We will assist you in getting the necessary permits and approvals to guarantee that there will be no problem once we start the ADU construction.

Del Mar ADU Setback Rules

Part of obtaining permits for your ADU construction project is the ADU setback rules you must follow. Our ADU builder professional is open to consulting with you to ensure your ADU complies with all local setback requirements and other laws.

Here are some general guidelines in Del Mar:

ADU setback rulesDetails
Local RegulationsTo learn more about the setback requirements in your area for ADUs, check Del Mar City's local  authority website.
ADU Front SetbacksADUs must frequently be placed back from the front property line by a particular distance. It usually ranges from 15 to 25 feet.
Minimum Side SetbacksAn ADU, known as the minimum side setback, must be positioned at least 2 feet from the property line. This distance may change depending on the zoning regulations and the property size.
Height and Size  RestrictionsDel Mar Government Code Section 65852.2  states that the City must allow at least an efficiency unit and a maximum size of 850 square feet or 1,000 square feet for an ADU with more than one bedroom. Meanwhile, If there is already a primary dwelling unit, the size of the attached ADU may be at most 50% of the primary dwelling unit.
EasementsThe setback regulations may be altered if there are any easements on the site, such as utility or drainage easements.

Check for Del Mar ADU permit Today!

As you build an ADU, Better Place Design & Build can help you get the required Del Mar ADU permits to ascertain everything goes smoothly and safeguard your property from accidents.


Yes, separate permits are needed for this. We will get them for you to ensure that the job complies with all essential rules and specifications.

Yes, there are costs involved in getting an ADU permit. These costs may change based on the property’s location and zoning regulations.

Yes you can, but it is advisable to work with a specialist who has knowledge of ADU construction and permits. Better Place Design & Build can guide you through the permission procedure.

Yes, and we are a professional ADU builder that can guide you through the permit procedure and make certain that your ADU complies with all applicable laws.


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