Maximize Your Property Value with These San Diego Granny Flat Tips

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Learn about the different types of granny flats and how to choose the best one for your property.


Looking for a San Diego Granny Flats contractor? Get more living space with Better Place Design & Build! We aim to add value to your home and provide extra living space.

Our ADU contractors will work on your granny flat in San Diego. We ensure you with quality and cost-efficiency for your San Diego Granny Flats. We’ll also touch on the designs, styles, and materials available to select the perfect granny flat for your property.

Types of Granny Flats in San Diego

There are three types of San Diego Granny Flats: attached, detached, and JADU units. The details below are

Types of San Diego Granny FlatsDetails
Attached Granny FlatIt is connected to the main house. It can be created in various forms and layouts, depending on the main house's layout and the tenants' demands. If the main structure is 2000 sqft, you can have it with an internal size of 1000 sqft. However, if the main building's area is 3000 sqft, it cannot be larger than 1200 sqft.
Detached Granny FlatIt is a separate living unit placed on the same property as the main house but not physically attached to it. If your home is 9000 sqft, you can have it with a 1000 sqft interior. The maximum interior space is limited to 1200 sqft, but you can have more if your property is more extensive than 9,000 sqft, you can have more.
Junior Granny Flat, or JADU,It is a separate, smaller living space on the same land as the primary dwelling. It is usually 500 sqft and often made by converting an existing bedroom or garage. They usually have their entrance,  a bathroom, and kitchenette meant for usage by one or two individuals.

San Diego Granny Flats Design Themes

Our San Diego granny flats come in various design themes to accommodate your needs and preferences. Here are some granny flat theme ideas for you to think about.

  • Modern Granny Flat Design Themes

Stylish, minimalist design components like clear lines, sizable windows, and a monochromatic color scheme could be included in a modern granny flat theme design. This style is ideal for individuals looking for a modern, cutting-edge living environment.

  • Cottage Granny Flat Design Themes

A cottage-style granny flat theme design could have a lovely, quaint design with a pitched roof, shutters, and a front porch. Those looking for a warm, traditional living space will adore this design.

  • Industrial Granny Flat Design Themes

Exposed brick, concrete floors, and metal accents could be seen in an industrial-style granny flat theme design. Whoever wants a contemporary, innovative living space will love this design.

Parisian Granny Flat Design Themes

A Parisian granny flat theme design motif is an excellent way to bring elegance.  It uses neutral color palettes and puts vintage objects and French paintings.

  • Rustic Granny Flat Design Themes

A rustic granny flat theme design may incorporate wood paneling, exposed rafters, and a stone fireplace. This design can generate a cozily cabin-like feeling for a peaceful retreat or a haven for nature lovers.

  • Coastal Granny Flat Design Themes

A coastal granny flat theme design can have a light and airy decor with pastel hues, nautical accents, and lots of natural light. This style is fantastic for individuals who prefer a relaxed, beachy atmosphere.

Regardless of the theme you decide on for your granny flat, speak with Better Place Design & Build qualified builder to ensure the room is practical, secure, and compliant with building regulations.

Professional San Diego Granny Flats builder

Our experienced team of San Diego Granny Flats builders can do nearly any job to build the dwelling unit you’ve always wanted. Better Place Design & Build will be happy to assist you throughout the process.


Our cost of constructing a San Diego granny flat depends on your desired size, location, and design.

We based the time on your unit’s size, complexity, labor, and material availability.

Yes! However, you might need a permit to rent out your granny flat.

You can have benefits like increased living space, the possibility of rental revenue, raising your property’s value, and the capacity to house family members or visitors.


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