How to Get Your Solana Beach ADU Permit Without the Headache

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Simplify your ADU permit process with expert tips on navigating Solana Beach’s unique coastal regulations.


Better Place Design & Build is dedicated to assisting you with your Solana Beach ADU permit. We guarantee we will be there with you for every step until your ADU construction is complete.

Our team provides excellent ADU construction services in Solana Beach to deliver stunning results that consistently surpass expectations.

ADU Permit Regulations in Coastal Zone

ADU Permit regulations in coastal zones differ based on the location in question. The following are the permit regulation commonly followed in coastal areas:

ADU Permit Regulations in Coastal ZoneDescription
Building PermitCoastal areas have particular building codes to protect the environment while ensuring structures' safety and durability. Building permits and your Solana Beach ADU permit may be necessary for new construction, restorations, or additions to existing structures.
Environmental PermitCoastal zones are environmentally fragile, with a diversity of ecosystems and species. As a result, actions that may influence the environment necessitate the acquisition of environmental and ADU permits in Solana Beach. These entail the adoption of mitigation measures to safeguard the coastal ecology.
Coastal Development PermitMany coastal communities have special restrictions that govern building along the water's edge. These restrictions attempt to protect the coast's natural features. Thus, permits are needed.
Coastal Zone Management PermitCoastal zone management permits are intended to control development, safeguard natural resources, and preserve the overall coastal ecology.

Solana Beach ADU Permit Requirements

For a streamlined process for your permit acquisition, you must know the necessary Solana Beach ADU permit requirements. These are the following:

  • Allowed Locations

If your land allows residential usage, you can put an ADU on it, though limitations may apply. You must also have an existing or prospective single-family home or a multi-family building on your property to get an ADU permit in Solana Beach.

  • Minimum Lot Size

There are no minimum lot size requirements in Solana Beach. Your property can be any size and be eligible for ADU construction.

  • Number of ADUs Allowed

You can generally have one or two ADUs if you own a single-family home. The number of ADUs permitted on multi-family properties is determined by the type of ADU built and the number of dwelling units currently on the property.

  • Maximum Square Footage

The maximum size of your ADU is determined by the type of ADU you wish to construct. In other words, the maximum size of a detached ADU on your property will differ from that of an attached ADU.

  • Maximum Height

The maximum height necessary to build an ADU and acquire a Solana Beach ADU permit is at least one-story and 16 feet tall.

  • Minimum Setbacks

Attached and detached ADUs must be built at least 4 feet from your property’s side and rear property lines, while conversion ADUs and junior ADUs need to be set back a sufficient distance to ensure fire safety. Once you’ve met this condition, you can obtain your Solana Beach ADU permit.

  • Parking

Junior ADUs and conversions don’t need parking. A parking place is needed for each attached and detached ADU unless your project is exempt from the parking regulations.

Obtain Your Solana Beach ADU Permit With Us

Better Place Design & Build will guide you through the process of acquiring your Solana Beach ADU permit. Reach us today and have guaranteed high-quality services for your ADU construction.


Yes, there are fees involved with acquiring an ADU permit in Solana Beach. The city typically charges permit fees to review and process the permit application. The cost amount can vary depending on criteria such as the size and scope of the ADU project.

The duration of the ADU permit acquisition procedure in Solana Beach might vary depending on factors such as project complexity, permitting department workload, and application completeness. Obtaining an ADU permit can take several weeks to a few months.

You should obtain an ADU permit as it assures legal compliance, promotes safety, protects your investment, and maintains neighborhood harmony.

The inspections required for a Solana Beach ADU permit may differ depending on local building standards and regulations. However, foundation inspections, frame inspections, electrical inspections, plumbing inspections, and final inspections are all routine for ADU construction.


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    How to Get Your Solana Beach ADU Permit Without the Headache

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