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Ensure the success of your ADU with an experienced builder in Imperial Beach.


In Imperial City, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) offer homeowners an incredible opportunity to maximize their property’s potential. Whether you’re looking to accommodate family members, secure additional rental income, or increase your property’s value, partnering with the right ADU builder in Imperial Beach is crucial. Understanding the construction and rental process in Imperial Beach is essential for ensuring a successful and compliant ADU project. Navigating local regulations, from design approval to construction and eventual rental, requires expertise and attention to detail.

Essential ADU Rules for Imperial Beach

What you can build

  • Maximum size

    Detached ADUs are capped at 1,200 square feet. Attached ADUs cannot exceed 50% of the primary dwelling's area, up to 1,200 square feet.
  • Side / rear setbacks

    Minimum of 4 feet required from side and rear property lines.
  • Two story

    Allowed, but must be above garage.
  • Building separation

    Minimum 10-foot separation is required.

Permitting timeline

  • Standard

    4-6 months.
  • Coastal

    Required for ADUs in coastal zones.

Choosing the Right ADU Builder in Imperial Beach

Selecting a builder with specific ADU experience in Imperial Beach is vital for navigating the complexities of local zoning, ensuring design proficiency, and efficiently managing city regulations. Better Place Remodeling stands out as an optimal choice for your ADU project. Our unique advantage lies in offering homeowners a comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution, handling the entire process in-house. This approach simplifies the ADU development process, ensuring seamless integration from design to completion while adhering to local regulations and standards.

Imperial Beach ADU Construction Process

Building an ADU in Imperial Beach involves several key phases:

  • Planning and Design

Begin with a thorough feasibility study and conceptual design, aligning with local zoning laws and regulations.

  • Permitting

Submit detailed plans for city review, addressing any required changes to ensure compliance with Imperial Beach ordinances.

  • Construction

On permit approval, proceed with ADU construction, adhering to specified building codes and quality standards.

  • Inspection and Completion

Final inspections confirm compliance, leading to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

This process underscores the importance of compliance at every step, ensuring that the ADU meets all local regulations and quality standards.

Building Your ADU in Imperial Beach

For lots with existing or proposed multiple-family dwellings, such as duplexes, regulations allow for up to two detached Accessory Dwelling Units and permit the conversion of non-living spaces into at least one, or up to 25% of the total existing units, as internal ADUs. On lots featuring more than one existing or proposed single-family dwelling, one internal or detached Accessory Dwelling Unit is permitted per lot.

The maximum height for detached or attached ADUs is 16 feet, though it can match the primary dwelling’s height in the underlying zone if parking spaces are included on the ground floor, allowing for ADUs above garages. Furthermore, state law permits ADUs to reach up to 20 feet if they are within half a mile of transit or attached to the main home.

Is a soils report necessary for ADUs in Imperial Beach?

Imperial Beach ADU Size & Building Constraints

The maximum size for detached ADUs in Imperial Beach is 1,200 square feet. This limitation aims to ensure that ADUs are appropriately scaled in relation to the primary dwelling and the overall property size.

Imperial Beach allows ADUs up to 850 square feet for units with one or fewer bedrooms and 1,000 square feet for units with two or more bedrooms. Construction can extend to 1,200 square feet if it preserves existing off-street parking and includes one extra parking space beyond the minimum required.

Information on the allowance of roof decks on ADUs in Imperial Beach is not explicitly stated. Property owners are encouraged to consult with the city planning department to understand any applicable regulations or restrictions.

ADUs must match or complement the architectural style, exterior materials, and colors of the primary dwelling, and the material quality should meet or exceed that of the primary residence.

ADUs in Imperial Beach must comply with specific setback requirements, which can vary based on the type of ADU (e.g., attached, detached, or conversion). These regulations are designed to respect property boundaries and ensure safety and privacy for all residents.

Imperial Beach does not impose a minimum lot size requirement for ADU construction, promoting the development of ADUs across a diverse range of property sizes to enhance housing availability.

Renting Your ADU in Imperial Beach

Renting out an ADU in Imperial Beach presents a promising opportunity for homeowners. The local rental market is dynamic, with ADUs offering potential for substantial rental income. Homeowners must navigate landlord legal requirements, including utility provisions and address considerations for their ADU. With proper planning and adherence to city regulations, ADUs can serve as a valuable, long-term income source or provide flexible living solutions for family members.

Neighborhoods: Egger Highlands, Imperial Beach, Nestor, Ocean Crest, Palm City, San Ysidro.


Calculate Your ADU Cost in Imperial Beach

Curious about the cost of your ADU in Imperial Beach? Find out quickly with our interactive calculator. This tool is designed to give you a rough estimate.

Attached ADU


Estimated Cost


*The costs we are calculating here are an average for time and materials. This calculator is meant to provide an estimate to educate you on the ADU building process, please note that this is not a final quote.

Detached ADU


Estimated Cost


*The costs we are calculating here are an average for time and materials. This calculator is meant to provide an estimate to educate you on the ADU building process, please note that this is not a final quote.

Garage ADU


Estimated Cost


*The costs we are calculating here are an average for time and materials. This calculator is meant to provide an estimate to educate you on the ADU building process, please note that this is not a final quote.
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Building and renting out an ADU in Imperial Beach is an excellent way to enhance your property’s value and functionality. Partnering with experienced ADU builders like Better Place Remodeling ensures a smooth process from initial design to project completion. By consulting with local planning departments and adhering to city-specific regulations, homeowners can navigate the complexities of ADU development successfully. Whether you’re aiming for additional rental income or expanding your living space, the ADU journey in Imperial Beach offers promising rewards.


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