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It’s smart to choose an ADU builder in Spring Valley with a wealth of local experience.


In Spring Valley, San Diego, the interest in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) has surged, offering homeowners a unique opportunity to enhance property value and tap into the rental market. Navigating the construction and rental process for ADUs requires a thorough understanding of local regulations and a partnership with builders who possess the expertise to execute these projects compliantly and efficiently. Better Place Remodeling stands out in this respect, providing a comprehensive, one-stop shop for ADU development, from initial design through construction, and final inspection, ensuring every project aligns with Spring Valley’s specific requirements.

Essential ADU Rules for Spring Valley

What you can build

  • Maximum size

    Detached ADUs can be up to 1,200 square feet. For attached ADUs, the limit is either 50% of the primary residence's square footage or 1,200 square feet, whichever is less.
  • Side / rear setbacks

    A minimum setback of 4 feet is required from both rear and interior side property lines.
  • Two story

    Allowed, with a maximum height of 24 feet.
  • Building separation

    Structures must have a minimum separation of 6 feet, with eaves requiring a 4-foot clearance.

Permitting timeline

  • Standard

    4-6 months.
  • Coastal

    Not required.

Choosing the Right ADU Builder in Spring Valley

Selecting a builder experienced in ADUs in Spring Valley is crucial for navigating the intricacies of local zoning, ensuring design compliance, and efficiently managing the regulatory landscape. Better Place Remodeling emerges as the premier choice in this domain, distinguished by our exhaustive understanding of Spring Valley’s zoning laws, adept design capabilities, and comprehensive service offering. Our all-inclusive approach eliminates the hassle of coordinating with multiple entities, making the ADU development process straightforward and stress-free for homeowners.

Spring Valley ADU Construction Process

The construction process for an ADU in Spring Valley unfolds through a series of meticulously planned phases, starting with a feasibility study and concluding with issuing a Certificate of Occupancy. This process encompasses:

  • Design and Planning

Collaborating with design professionals to develop detailed architectural plans.

  • Permitting

Submitting a comprehensive application and navigating the review process.

  • Site Preparation and Construction

Executing construction works, adhering to high standards of craftsmanship.

  • Inspection and Completion

Undergoing inspections to ensure compliance, culminating in the project’s completion.

Building Your ADU in Spring Valley

On a single-family property in Spring Valley, you are allowed one Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and one Junior ADU (JADU). For multifamily properties, the regulations permit two detached ADUs plus the conversion of existing spaces into ADUs in up to 25% of the existing multifamily units.

Multifamily properties in Spring Valley can construct two detached ADUs. Additionally, property owners are permitted to convert spaces not originally intended for living, such as garages or storage rooms, into ADUs. This conversion is allowed for up to 25% of the existing unit count within the multifamily property.

In Spring Valley, detached Accessory Dwelling Units are restricted to a maximum of 1,200 square feet. ADUs that are 800 square feet or smaller are exempt from lot coverage requirements, facilitating their integration into existing properties without affecting the allowable development footprint significantly.

ADU Size & Building Constraints in Spring Valley

The maximum height for detached ADUs in Spring Valley is 24 feet, and these structures can include up to two stories, offering flexibility in design and usability for property owners.

Yes, Spring Valley permits the construction of two-story Accessory Dwelling Units, allowing property owners to maximize vertical space on their lot.

The regulations do not explicitly address the inclusion of roof decks on ADUs. However, any such feature would need to comply with general building and zoning regulations of Spring Valley, suggesting that property owners consult with local planning departments for specific guidance.

For attached ADUs, the size cannot exceed 50% of the living area of the primary residence or 1,200 square feet, whichever is less, ensuring that the ADU is appropriately scaled in relation to the main dwelling.

ADUs in Spring Valley must adhere to certain setback requirements, height limitations, and, in some cases, design standards that ensure the ADU’s exterior is compatible with the primary residence and neighborhood character.

ADUs must be placed considering the required setbacks from property boundaries. These setbacks vary, but typically a minimum distance from rear and side property lines is mandated, along with specific rules for the distance between the ADU and the primary dwelling.

Renting Your ADU in Spring Valley

Renting out an ADU in Spring Valley presents a valuable opportunity for homeowners, promising potential rental income and an enhanced property valuation. Landlords must consider local market dynamics, tenant demand, and adherence to legal requirements, including utility arrangements and addressing. Spring Valley encourages ADUs as long-term housing solutions, with specific regulations prohibiting short-term vacation rentals for periods less than 30 days. For those considering renting out their ADU, engaging with Better Place Remodeling can simplify the transition into becoming a landlord, ensuring that both the construction and rental processes are smooth and compliant with local ordinances. Understanding utility management—whether shared with the primary residence or separately metered—is crucial, as is ensuring the ADU has a separate mailing address if desired for rental purposes. Navigating these considerations with the expertise of seasoned professionals can maximize the return on investment and contribute to the local community by providing much-needed housing options.

Neighborhoods: Casa de Oro-Mount Helix, Jamul, La Presa, Spring Valley.


Calculate Your ADU Cost in Spring Valley

Curious about the cost of your ADU in Spring Valley? Find out quickly with our interactive calculator. This tool is designed to give you a rough estimate.

Attached ADU


Estimated Cost


*The costs we are calculating here are an average for time and materials. This calculator is meant to provide an estimate to educate you on the ADU building process, please note that this is not a final quote.

Detached ADU


Estimated Cost


*The costs we are calculating here are an average for time and materials. This calculator is meant to provide an estimate to educate you on the ADU building process, please note that this is not a final quote.

Garage ADU


Estimated Cost


*The costs we are calculating here are an average for time and materials. This calculator is meant to provide an estimate to educate you on the ADU building process, please note that this is not a final quote.
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Building and renting out an ADU in Spring Valley, San Diego, offers homeowners an excellent opportunity to enhance their property’s value and contribute to solving the housing shortage crisis. With specific rules and regulations governing the development of ADUs, partnering with experienced builders like Better Place Remodeling can ensure that your project meets all local compliance standards and is completed efficiently and effectively. Our all-encompassing approach, from initial design to final construction, simplifies the ADU development process, making it accessible for homeowners to capitalize on their property’s potential.


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